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Vitamix Drive Socket Kit

Brand: Vitamix
  • Check the condition of your socket drive every 3-4 months
  • Make sure the teeth are sharp and in good working order
  • Kit includes instructions
  • Allen wrench included

Vitamix 5000

Brand: Vitamix
  • Wet and Dry containers for whole food and whole grain breads
  • Three cook books and owners manual
  • Grind whole wheat berries into flour for fresh bread making.
  • Chopping without liquid
  • Coffee grinder

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

Brand: Vitamix
  • Fits standard household 64 and 32 oz containers.
  • Fits standard commercial 64, 48, and 32 oz containers.
  • Does not fit new household low-profile 64 container or 48 ounce container.
  • Does not fit commercial MP, XP, Advance or XL containers.

Vitamix 2-Part Lid and Plug, 64-Ounce (High Profile)

Brand: Vitamix
  • Lid has removable plug marked with measurements and allows ingredients to be added while processing
  • Replacement for Vitamix Eastman Tritan 64-ounce Container.
  • This container is not the low profile 64 oz.container found with Vitamix Pro 300 and Pro 750 models.

Vitamix Wrench

Brand: Vitamix
  • For all Vitamix machines

Vitamix Drive Socket Replacement Kit

  • Check the condition of your socket drive every 3-4 months
  • Make sure the teeth are sharp and in good working order
  • Kit includes Vitamix Drive Socket, Allen Wrench and Installation Instructions
  • Replaces the following Manufacturer's Products OEM Numbers are used for reference only, Vita-Mix 891 & 802
  • WARNING: READ Product Description to confirm compatibility with your blender

Vitamix 48 oz Advance Container with Advance Blade (No Lid)

Brand: Vitamix
  • This Vitamix 48-ounce Advance Container with Advance Blade is a direct and authentic Vitamix replacement part that includes standard and metric measurement markings and includes the Vitamix Advance Blade but not a lid. Vitamix Product Number 15979 has been replaced with 16015 to indicate the plastic is now BPA-Free Tritan plastic. Made in the United States. One Year Warranty.

Complete Two-Piece Lid and Plug, After Market Replacement for Vita-Mix 1191

Brand: OCSParts
  • Our two-piece black flexible rubber lid and plug will replace Vita-Mix part number 1191
  • This lid can be used on Vita-Mix's standard 64 oz containers that are normally sold with the following Vita-Mix models. Vita-Mix 4500, Vita-Mix Total Nutrition Center, Vita-Mix TNC, Vita-Mix Super TNC, Vita-Pro, Vita-Prep Touch & Go Blending Station, BarBoss Drink Machine, Vita-Mix models 5000 and 5200, the type of blenders being sold for home use at stores like Costco.
  • The product is a commercial grade after-market replacement

Vitamix 5200 5000 Complete Replacement Blade Kit

Brand: Vitamix
  • Complete Vitamix Blade Replacement Kit With Instructions. All New. High Speed Bearing, Silicon Gaskets,Protective Glove. Instal Wrench.

Heavy Duty Six Blades Blender Blade for Vitamix Blender,Wet/ Dry / Ice,1151,1152

Brand: Blender
  • Heavy Duty Six Blades Blender Blade for Vitamix Blender, Wet & Ice, & Dry, 1151 , 1152 Brand new. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please note that you may need a Vitamix Wrench (Not Included) Fits the following Models: 1002 1230 5000 5006 5012 5039 5057 5200 BarBoss VITA-MIX VM0100 VM0100A VM0103 Total Nutrition Centers, Vita-Prep Drink Machine

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I was hoping to get the Vitamix 5000 as shown in the pictures. It looked pretty decent, but the material was definitely not what I expected.