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    A scorching hot story with a  possessive, protective Alpha male who'll do anything to protect his woman.

    I'd waited so long.

    Then fate delivered my dream man, Oh, he was beautiful. Hot blue eyes, a dimple in his chin, lean muscles, and big, thick, manly hands. With the power of a tornado he swept me off my feet and rose me up to unimaginable heights. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

    Then he disappeared from my life before I had time even to catch my breath.

    I picked up the pieces of my broken heart and moved on. Now, when I least expect it, his ocean blue eyes are burning right through me again, and all those crazy-intense feelings...they've come back as if I didn't spend years burying them.

    I still crave him like a drug, but after two years things have moved on. I'm trapped in a loveless relationship with a very dangerous man. Saving me from my nightmare is not an option.

    But can my heart really survive his loss again? Or do I risk it all and give him complete possession of me?


    The moment I saw Izzy I knew she was special. We just clicked. I took her back to my hotel room, and I was right. She was fuckin' perfection. I took her sweet Innocence.
    Then a quirk of fate separated us. Life's wrecking ball happened but  I never forgot her. 
    I can close my eyes now and see her straddled over my hips, her skin glistening with sweat, her long blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders, and her eyes half-closed with pleasure
    Two years later fate has put her back in my path.  She's still so f*ckin beautiful but this time she's different. Gone is the sweet Innocence..

    But all I want to do is just get between those creamy thighs and pick up where we left off. My need is raw and visceral and real, she dosen't understand the power she has over me. 
    I'm not prepared when she drops her bombshell. It cuts like a knife through me. She says it's too late, things have changed. She's hooked up with some brute. A low life criminal with a powerful father who won't let her go. Even if she wanted to leave it's too dangerous.

    I see fear in her eyes, and it fills me with a raging fury.
    I don't give a f*uck who or what he is.
    I will protect this woman.
    He has no fucking clue he's messing with an Eden man's woman
    She's mine. I claimed her that night in the hotel room in Paris.

    Now fate has given us a second chance...and nothing and no one is going to stop me taking back what's mine.
    This book is a hot, steamy, standalone romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.  It also features some characters from my bestselling Crystal Jake series, therefore your reading pleasure may be enhanced by reading this series. Readers have called it one of the most addictive series ever! It can be found here; 
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    virgin hair fertilizer now wears a new name (2 pc pack), 125g

    virgin hair fertilizer now wears a new name (2 pc pack), 125g
    • For rapid hair growth, hair conditioning cream
    • Very good seller
    • 125 grams
    • Anti dandruff
    • Conditions dry hair
    Virgin hair fertilizer 125 grams. Anti dandruff and hair conditioning cream. Apply to hair and scalp daily. Conditions broken and dry hair

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    The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days

    The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
    • The Virgin Diet Drop 7 Foods Lose 7 Pounds Just 7 Days

    The 24-week New York Times bestseller now in paperback with a new introduction and more of JJ’s favorite recipes.

    Your fat is not your fault.

    Are you eating all the right things—low-fat yogurt, egg-white omelets, whole-grain bread, even tofu—but still can't lose the weight? Your favorite "diet" foods may be to blame.

    In this runaway bestseller, nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin reveals the real secret behind weight gain—food intolerance. A negative reaction to certain foods like dairy or gluten can sabotage your health by triggering inflammation and causing a host of nasty symptoms like bloating, breakouts, headaches, achy joints and—worst of all—stubborn weight gain.

    On The Virgin Diet, you'll eat plenty of anti-inflammatory, healing foods to reclaim your health and reset your metabolism, while avoiding the 7 foods that are most likely to cause food intolerance. You'll never feel hungry or deprived, and in just one week, you'll drop up to 7 pounds, lose belly bloat, gain energy, clear up inflammation and look and feel years younger. And that's just the beginning!

    Including delicious, guilt-free recipes as well as testimonials from people who have had successful results, The Virgin Diet will help you to look and feel your best.

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    His Virgin

    His Virgin
      She was raised to be chaste and angelic ... even named Purity.

      To me, she's nothing but sin, a temptress who will bring me to my knees.

      One touch, and I lose everything.

      The problem is I don't only want to touch her.

      I want her underneath me, moaning my name. I want to make every filthy fantasy she's ever had come true.

      Resisting her is more than I can do.

      It's time to make her mine.

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      Virgins: An Outlander Novella

      Virgins: An Outlander Novella
      • CENTURY
      The time before Claire, young Jamie Fraser has left Scotland and, with his best friend Ian Murray, is running with a band of mercenaries in France. Both men have good reason not to go back to their homeland, both are nursing wounds, and despite their best efforts to remedy the situation, both are still virgins. So when a Jewish doctor hires them to escort his granddaughter to Paris, they readily agree. Both men are instantly drawn to the beautiful young lady. What neither know is that their lives and their friendships are about to become infinitely more complicated and a lot more dangerous.

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      The Playboy's Secret Virgin

      The Playboy's Secret Virgin
        A hot shot billionaire playboy can be quite intimidating, especially for a plain Jane virgin like me.

        When the elevator doors open to my new boss glaring down at my disastrous coffee mishap on my first day at James Enterprises, the look of disgust on his handsomely chiseled face is menacing, knocking any hope for leaving him impressed right out the window.

        Or so I thought…

        Later that night when I’m coerced by my newfound office friend to have a few drinks at the local jazz club, I catch Anthony James’ attention from across the room and sparks fly. I try to resist the temptation—why would he possibly be attracted to a simple girl like me—but Anthony James always gets what he wants… is he deserving enough of my virginity?

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        The Virgin Suicides: A Novel

        The Virgin Suicides: A Novel
        • Picador USA

        First published in 1993, The Virgin Suicides announced the arrival of a major new American novelist. In a quiet suburb of Detroit, the five Lisbon sisters--beautiful, eccentric, and obsessively watched by the neighborhood boys--commit suicide one by one over the course of a single year. As the boys observe them from afar, transfixed, they piece together the mystery of the family's fatal melancholy, in this hypnotic and unforgettable novel of adolescent love, disquiet, and death. Jeffrey Eugenides evokes the emotions of youth with haunting sensitivity and dark humor and creates a coming-of-age story unlike any of our time. Adapted into a critically acclaimed film by Sofia Coppola, The Virgin Suicides is a modern classic, a lyrical and timeless tale of sex and suicide that transforms and mythologizes suburban middle-American life.

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        virgin, suicides, novel

        The Billionaire's Virgin

        The Billionaire's Virgin
          I needed money. He wanted my virginity. So I sold it.
          If I don't pay off my piles of debt, I'm going to lose the one thing I care about-- my grandmother. She needs a place to live, people to take care of her, and there's no way I can afford it anymore. But I only have one thing worth any money.
          My virginity.
          It was a shot in the dark to put it up for auction online. What kind of person would even bid on something as perverted as this?
          Pierce Pinewood, that's who.
          He outbid everyone right away, making it clear he wanted to win. I was relieved and terrified all at once, but I figured it was fine, we'd just sleep together and I'd go on my merry way.
          So why, even after meeting me, is he waiting to claim his prize?
          Pierce is exposing me to money, glamour, a life I never dreamed of. He's also telling me what lingerie to wear... and what to do with the parts of my body no one is allowed to see. No one but him.
          I thought I was selling him one night with me.
          I couldn't have guessed how much of me he really wanted.
          This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating!
          Penny Wylder writes just that-- wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they're a little dirty, so if you're looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door!

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          Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School

          Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School
          • Used Book in Good Condition
          It’s business school, the Branson way.

          Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, improving your leadership skills, or simply looking for inspiration from one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, Richard Branson has the answers.

          Like a Virgin brings together some of his best advice, distilling the experiences and insights that have made him one of the world’s most recognized and respected business leaders.

          In his trademark thoughtful and encouraging voice, Branson shares his knowledge like a close friend. He’ll teach you how to be more innovative, how to lead by listening, how to enjoy your work, and much more.

          In hindsight, Branson is thankful he never went to business school. Had he conformed to the conventional dos and don’ts of starting a business, would there have been a Virgin Records? A Virgin Atlantic? So many of Branson’s achievements are due to his unyielding deter­mination to break the rules and rewrite them himself. Here’s how he does it.

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          Leashing the Virgin: A Bad Boy Romance

          Leashing the Virgin: A Bad Boy Romance

            Love? I don’t know the meaning of the word.

            It’s pain I understand. And control. Always control.

            I’ve built an empire of destruction. One so enormous, no one can touch me.

            I take what I want, and I can buy all the rest.

            She’s a risk I shouldn’t take, but too f*cking tempting to deny.

            Naked, sweet and perfect on the auction block, she’s the only virgin Club La Laisse has ever offered. Now she’s mine… to do with as I please.

            One touch and I couldn’t stop. One taste and I nearly lost control. One unguarded moment and now she has the power to ruin me.

            She’s discovered my deepest secret. But I’m going to discover all of hers. I don’t care how deep I have to go…

            But how can I live with myself?

            When she’s suddenly become everything… I can’t live without.

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            Virgin coverings for all your home, office and business needs..