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    The most beautiful man she's ever seen is the same one who can ruin everything.
    The first time Grace Kerrington meets Callan Walker she's bowled over by his hotness - and his massive sense of entitlement. She can't believe she's going to have to deal with his smug commentary (in that sexy Australian accent) on a daily basis, all while trying to convince his ball-busting mother to give her a permanent job. 
    All Callan sees when he looks at Grace is yet another raptor-in-a-suit, wanting to climb the corporate ladder. Sure, she's sexy, but he has bigger cattle to wrangle - like ensuring his recently deceased uncle's final wishes are honored.
    Grace needs this job--she's all that stands between her little sister and social services. But Callan is a master player - and a master flirt. She was never supposed to succumb to his charm. But there's a fine line between locking horns and locking other body parts. 
    She cannot fall for him. The game he's playing with his estranged family is dangerous and dirty. Any idiot can see what's happening between them can only ever be temporary. But Grace's heart didn't get the memo... 
    Warning: contains a hot Aussie who makes even ordinary words sound sexy, a crotch-obsessed poodle, weird Australian cookies, and one fabulous Chanel suit.

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    Temporary (Billionaire romance)

    Temporary (Billionaire romance)

      It’s only temporary, baby. Don’t go catching feelings because I will tear you apart.

      Mari Jones is an itch under my skin that I can’t satisfy. The sassy, long-legged cocktail waitress is everything I shouldn’t want. Smart-mouthed, take-no-shit, sexy-as-hell, and the worst thing I could throw into my life but I want her.
      The thing is…I’ve always wanted her.
      She doesn’t remember me but I’ve never forgotten her.
      And now I’m going to put her into my bed.
      Don’t get me wrong — I’m not about forever — I see what I want and I find a way to get it but it’s always a temporary fix.
      No amount of money in the world can fix what’s broken inside me — and I should know, I’m fucking loaded — so don’t even try.
      I’m damaged. Broken to the core.
      If she catches feelings, I’m going to ruin her.
      Even though I know I should walk, I can’t.
      She’s everything I ever wanted…everything I will never deserve to have.
      Right or wrong…she’s mine.

      Publisher's Note: This is a full-length novel at 40,000 words. It's everything you've come to expect in an Alexx Andria read — hot sex, witty banter, and dark angst — if that sounds like your thing, feel free to one-click this bad boy billionaire and settle in for a deliciously wicked and entertaining time. Oh, and fans of Alexx's Buchanan might just recognize a character or two. Enjoy!


      “I want you, Mari,” Gage stated, leaning back, kicking his leg out casually beneath the scratched and ruined table. “Name your price.”

      “N-name my price?” I stuttered, incredulous. “What does that mean? And what makes you think I even have a price that I would offer? I’m not a vendor at a flea market, ready to haggle over an item…especially when that item is me.”

      His smirk did crazy things to my belly even as his answer pissed me off fresh. “Everyone has a price. Even you. I'm willing to bet your price is a lot lower than you think it would be.”

      Oh, hell no, what? “Did you just insult me?”

      “Not at all. Just sharing a bit of what I know about human nature.”

      “Well, you don’t know shit about me,” I said, rising. “I’m done with this ridiculous game. I don’t care how rich you are, you can’t buy me.”

      Screw Manny and his greed. He could find someone else to pander to the rich jerk, I was out.

      “You’re broke. You’ll be homeless by the end of the month because you can’t pay your rent and something tells me you aren’t going to make enough in tips to get what you need by month’s end.”

      His calm voice at my back froze my feet. I turned slowly. “How the hell do you know my personal business?”

      He waved away my question as if I were naive. “Nothing is private, sweetheart. I can get everything I need to know about you with the push of a button. Financial records are the easiest.” He paused only to punctuate his point. “Is my intel wrong? Do you have a secret stash of cash in your mattress that you’re holding onto for a rainy day?”

      No, he wasn't wrong — Gage knew how precarious my situation was and he had zero qualms about using the information to his advantage.

      Indignation aside...could I afford to refuse his offer?

      Damn him, he knew I couldn't.

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      Temporary Boyfriend

      Temporary Boyfriend
        New York Time & USA Today bestselling author Shanora Williams is back with a fun, sweet, & sexy romance for you to devour!

        Piper Madison can only think of one way to get her parents to accept her: hire a temporary boyfriend.
        She hires Matthew Cooper, a hot, tall, and wickedly handsome male escort with a set of dimples and charm that will bring any woman to her knees.
        He assures Piper they will prove her family wrong - that she doesn't need to be married to some billionaire in order to be happy - and that it will remain strictly business between them.
        But when their strictly business relationship starts to feel a little too real, Piper and Matthew realize hearts are on the line, and that they may be in for much more than they bargained for.

        FYI: It's the bubbliest, sappiest, cheesiest book you'll ever read by me. Just saying.


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        Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

        Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper
        • Printable material
        • Fun and easy
        • Compatible with all silhouette electronic cutting tools
        Print designs onto this unique paper with an inkjet printer. Then, with the included adhesive, use the Silhouette’s print and cut feature to cut around each printed design. Silhouette temporary tattoos apply easily with water, generally last a day or two, and can be removed with a washcloth and warm water.

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        Temporary Refuge, A: Fourteen Seasons with Wild Summer Steelhead

        Temporary Refuge, A: Fourteen Seasons with Wild Summer Steelhead

          As featured in the documentary, DamNation (Patagonia, 2014). During his first summer, Spencer built a sheltered viewing platform, a place to sit with Sis and his notebook, and observe the denizens of the pool for months, and, finally, years on end. Shortly before setting up camp during his first season, Spencer cut the points off the hooks of all his steelhead flies, freeing himself to see more deeply the beauty of his surroundings. As the predatory urge faded, a kind of blindness went with it, and Spencer’s eyes and mind became figurative hooks, enabling him to capture the stunning lives and behaviors of these charismatic wild creatures with an intimacy that has rarely been offered before.

          A distillation of fourteen years of detailed observations, in this surprisingly engaging almanac, Spencer records a natural history teeming with fish, water, vegetation, birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians, seasonal changes, and interesting events and stories. Spencer is a modern-day Thoreau, and the steelhead pool is his Walden Pond.

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          Melissa & Doug My First Temporary Tattoos: Adventure, Creatures, Sports, and More - 100+ Kid-Friendly Tattoos

          Melissa & Doug My First Temporary Tattoos: Adventure, Creatures, Sports, and More - 100+ Kid-Friendly Tattoos
          • Temporary tattoos
          • 100+ in every pack
          • Kid-friendly themes
          • Perforated sheets make it easy to tear and share
          • Easy to apply, easy to remove
          Press them on, peel them off, let your personality show! My First Temporary Tattoos are wearable art for kids. Their bright colors, amazing details and kid-friendly themes look great on all skin tones. And they're so easy to use!

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          The Temporary Wife/A Promise of Spring (Dell Historical Romance Book 4)

          The Temporary Wife/A Promise of Spring (Dell Historical Romance Book 4)
            In two classic tales of Regency-era romance from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh, the vagaries of love have a way of challenging the most convenient arrangements.
            Miss Charity Duncan has no illusions about Lord Anthony Earheart’s proposal. The arrogant aristocrat has made it painfully clear what he wants: a wife who will enrage the father he despises and then disappear from his life. In exchange, Charity’s family will receive the money they desperately need. But after Charity agrees to this mockery of matrimony, she soon discovers a startling fact: She has fallen for Anthony, and breaking their marriage vows may also break her heart.
            Grace Howard has every reason to be devoted to Sir Peregrine Lampman. After all, the gallant gentleman rescued her from poverty by making her his bride. Even more nobly, he did not withdraw his affection after she confessed to a youthful folly that had compromised her virtue. But Grace did not tell the whole truth about the handsome lord who betrayed her—and now the one thing she’s kept from Perry threatens to destroy her last chance at true love.

            From the Paperback edition.

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            temporary, wifea, promise, spring, historical, romance

            NFL San Diego Chargers Temporary Tattoo Sheet

            NFL San Diego Chargers Temporary Tattoo Sheet
            • Includes 10 tattoos
            • Non-toxic
            • Hypo-allergenic
            • FDA regulated
            • Easily removable
            What a fun way to show your team spirit! Each package includes one sheet of 10 tattoos. The tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and all ingredients are FDA regulated . They last for days and can be easily removed with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

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            Temptooth #1 Seller Trusted Patented Temporary Tooth Replacement Product - with FREE dental tools

            Temptooth #1 Seller Trusted Patented Temporary Tooth Replacement Product - with FREE dental tools
            • SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE: Construct a durable tooth replacement from the comfort of your home
            • EASY INSERT: The kit includes moldable material that you can sculpt into a realistic tooth in minutes
            • SAFE FOR ORAL USE: We Use FDA approved material. Be careful with lookalikes that use materials made in China
            • PATENTED PROCESS: Each kit includes step-by-step instructions and video for our patented process
            • FREE DENTAL TOOLS INCLUDED: Receive a set of free dental cleaning tools with every package
             Over 90,000 kits sold
            Temptooth invented the do-it-yourself tooth replacement product. We created it 8 years ago and have sold over 90,000 kits. Temptooth is the only tooth replacement product that includes patented, step-by-step video instructions to help guide you through the creation and insertion process.

            Natural-Looking Results in an Instant
            A great solution for when you're waiting for that upcoming dentist appointment, Temptooth allows you to create a natural-looking tooth replacement in minutes. The package contains high grade polymer material, which you simply soften with hot water and then sculpt to fit into the opening where your tooth is missing. When shaped correctly, the temporary tooth just snaps into place – no adhesives or dental cement required.

            FDA-Approved Material
            Each package contains proprietary medical grade FDA-approved material that has been third-party tested for safety and efficacy for oral use. Be careful of lookalikes, as their material may be made in China. Trust the original temporary tooth replacement kit and avoid wasting your money on imitations that don't have the same material safety standards or patented process as Temptooth

            Free Dental Tool Kit Included
            Each tooth replacement kit comes with a free set of dental tools. Made from high-quality German steel, these tools can be used for the maintenance of good oral health.

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            Temporary People

            Temporary People
            • RESTLESS
            Winner of the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing

            "Guest workers of the United Arab Emirates embody multiple worlds and identities and long for home in a fantastical debut work of fiction, winner of the inaugural Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing.… The author's crisp, imaginative prose packs a punch, and his whimsical depiction of characters who oscillate between two lands on either side of the Arabian Sea unspools the kind of immigrant narratives that are rarely told. An enchanting, unparalleled anthem of displacement and repatriation.Kirkus Reviews, starred review

            In the United Arab Emirates, foreign nationals constitute over 80 percent of the population. Brought in to construct the towering monuments to wealth that punctuate the skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this labor force works without the rights of citizenship, endures miserable living conditions, and is ultimately forced to leave the country. Until now, the humanitarian crisis of the so-called “guest workers” of the Gulf has barely been addressed in fiction. With his stunning, mind-altering debut novel Temporary People, Deepak Unnikrishnan delves into their histories, myths, struggles, and triumphs. 

            Combining the irrepressible linguistic invention of Salman Rushdie and the satirical vision of George Saunders, Unnikrishnan presents twenty-eight linked stories that careen from construction workers who shapeshift into luggage and escape a labor camp, to a woman who stitches back together the bodies of those who’ve fallen from buildings in progress, to a man who grows ideal workers designed to live twelve years and then perish—until they don’t, and found a rebel community in the desert. With this polyphony, Unnikrishnan brilliantly maps a new, unruly global English. Giving substance and identity to the anonymous workers of the Gulf, he highlights the disturbing ways in which “progress” on a global scale is bound up with dehumanization. 

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