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Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12
  • Uses the finest of fabrics
  • Highly detailed
  • Perfect for cuddling
  • Unlike other mammals, real sloths spend most of their lives hanging upside-down from tree branches, so their legs are adapted for that purpose.when the item is in a sitting position it looks ith the back claws pointing inwards, towards each other.
Coming in around 12 inches, this sloth stuffed animal is the perfect size for at home and take on the go play. His ultra-realistic design replicates the look of a real three-toed sloth found in the rainforests of South America. From his distinctive facial markings, to his furry coat, right down to his long toes, this little sloth is simply irresistible.

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Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family

Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family
    Patricia Volk’s delicious memoir lets us into her big, crazy, loving, cheerful, infuriating and wonderful family, where you’re never just hungry–your starving to death, and you’re never just full–you’re stuffed. Volk’s family fed New York City for one hundred years, from 1888 when her great-grandfather introduced pastrami to America until 1988, when her father closed his garment center restaurant. All along, food was pretty much at the center of their lives. But as seductively as Volk evokes the food, Stuffed is at heart a paean to her quirky, vibrant relatives: her grandmother with the “best legs in Atlantic City”; her grandfather, who invented the wrecking ball; her larger-than-life father, who sculpted snow thrones when other dads were struggling with snowmen. Writing with great freshness and humor, Patricia Volk will leave you hungering to sit down to dinner with her robust family–both for the spectacle and for the food.

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    Aurora Foxie Fox Mini Flopsie 8" Stuffed Animal Plush

    Aurora Foxie Fox Mini Flopsie 8
    • Bring home your own little fox with this adorable plush that people of all sizes and ages are sure to love
    • Increase your child's interest in wildlife and animal studies by getting them a little fox of their own
    • If you've always wanted your own fox in your home, this is the best way to bring one into the house without the mess
    • Super soft and cuddly this is the ideal pet for your child to snuggle with at night or in the car
    • Kids can be rough on their toys which is why Aurora makes their animals with only the highest quality materials and stitiching
    Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.

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    STUFFED (The Slate Brothers, Book Two)

    STUFFED (The Slate Brothers, Book Two)
      Meet The Slate Brothers. Each One A Football Star. Each One Sexy, Rough And Completely Untamed.

      A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA

      When I first meet Carson Slate, he’s half-naked, his perfect abs and chiseled biceps on display.

      Of course, that’s because I’m in the team locker room and he’s changing after a game.

      But you don’t have to be a sports fan to know two things about him:

      1) He’s only a junior, but he’s already being looked at by professional scouts.

      2) His father is a murderer. Or at least, he’s accused of being a murderer.

      The only reason I’m even talking to someone like Carson Slate is because I’m a journalist for our college paper. But from the moment I lay eyes on the gorgeous superstar, it’s like I become a different person.

      I’ve always been responsible to a fault, and suddenly I’m doing bad things. Shirking all of my responsibilities, lying, hiding, pretending to be someone I’m not.

      And before I know it, Carson is treating me differently too, demanding that I do sexual acts for every question he answers for my article.

      The worst part? The worst part is that I love it.

      I love it when Carson Slate tells me what sexy outfit to wear. I love letting him touch me And I love it when he tells me how to touch him. Or where to put my mouth…

      And yes, he’s as big as the rumors suggest, in EVERY way.

      But then again, so is the story I’m writing. The story that could destroy Carson, his father, and everything I hold dear…

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      Jumbo Toy Hammock -2PACK- Organize stuffed animals or children's toys with this mesh hammock. Looks great with any décor while neatly organizing kid’s toys and stuffed animals. Expands to 5.5 feet.

      Jumbo Toy Hammock -2PACK- Organize stuffed animals or children's toys with this mesh hammock. Looks great with any décor while neatly organizing kid’s toys and stuffed animals. Expands to 5.5 feet.
      • Organize stuffed animals and other children's toys with this white, mesh toy hammock.
      • Eliminates bedroom, playroom, and bathtub clutter while neatly organizing toys.
      • Looks great with any décor and easy to attach to any wall with the hook hardware included.
      • The elastic binding can expand up to 5.5 feet in a corner or any convenient spot along a wall.
      • Depending on the size of the items, the toy hammock can accommodate 30 or more stuffed animals.
      Children's stuffed animals can easily take over their bed, bedroom, and playroom, so parents need an easy storage solution. The Jumbo Toy Hammock is a novel toy way to hold and organize kids' toys, pillows, stuffed animals, and other items, in an attractive way that becomes part of the décor. You can also use it in the bathroom to store bathtub toys, giving them a unique way to drain and dry out until their next use. The white mesh material is durable enough to hold 30 or more items at a time. Just string it across a corner, like over their bed where little ones will enjoy having their stuffed animal friends close, or along any wall where they provide a colorful decoration. It's easy to attach to any wall with the hook hardware included or use adhesive wall strips. The elastic binding can expand up to 5.5 feet. Because of our mesh construction, kids and parents can see all the toys that live in the hammock, making it easy to choose which ones will come out to play. It's also easy to store them again when playtime is over, encouraging kids to help with the clean-up. Because you'll want one in the kid's bedroom and playroom, we sell the Jumbo Toy Hammock in packs of two.

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      Aurora World Flopsie Plush Goldie Labrador Dog, 12"

      Aurora World Flopsie Plush Goldie Labrador Dog, 12
      • Realistic styling
      • Wonderful gift item
      • Fine plush fabric
      • Soft and cuddly
      • Leading manufacturer of plush
      • country of origin:China and Indonesia
      12" GOLDIE is an adorable stuffed golden labrador retriever part of the Flopsie domestic stuffed dog and cat collection Aurora only uses lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety.

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      Aurora World Lil Benny Phant, Grey Plush

      Aurora World Lil Benny Phant, Grey Plush
      • Measures 9" tall
      • Super-soft plush and huggable body
      • Endearing facial expression and body position
      Aurora World's Lil Benny Phant characters have wonderful super-soft plush that is perfect for snuggling. L.E. Phants are in a seated position and wear an endearing expression on their face. Each piece is constructed using top quality materials for durability and softness. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality plush products.

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      Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal (14 inches)

      Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal (14 inches)
      • Fuzzy and floppy sitting plush bunny
      • Surface washable
      • Super-cuddly polyester fabric
      • 9"H x 10"L x 6"W
      • All ages
      Fluffed, and stuffed with love, Burrow will happily nestle in your bunny-lover's arms. In gentle contrast to his fuzzy coat, Burrow's inner ears and paws are velvety soft.

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      Stuffed Penguin - Plush Animal That’s Suitable For Babies and Children - 5 Inch Tall - By EpicKids

      Stuffed Penguin - Plush Animal That’s Suitable For Babies and Children - 5 Inch Tall - By EpicKids
      • 👀 WORRY FREE - Our penguin does NOT have any beads or buttons that can fall off. This makes our penguin THE perfect plush animal for babies and toddlers!
      • ✈️ PERFECT SIZE - At 5 inches tall, our penguin is the perfect size for children to bring along in the car, airplane, in the bag, or simply to play with at home.
      • 🙋 MOM FRIENDLY - A small sized plush toy is in a bigger demand than large ones. After all, who likes to go out to a restaurant with a child who insists on bringing their 20 inches animals along?? :)
      • 💧 EASY TO CLEAN - Our penguin is washable by hand in cold water, so he can be germ-free and clean all the time.
      • 🎁 THE ULTIMATE GIFT - Looking for a birthday present, or for a gift for a baby shower? Our penguin is the perfect gift for any occasion, and for any child, boy or girl.

      1. Our stuffed penguin is the perfect size for a baby, toddler or a child to play with. Standing 5 inches tall, our penguin will fit perfectly in your child's hand so he/she can carry Mr. Chil around, or to simply sit on the floor and play with him.

      2. Mr. Chil is also Mom Friendly! The size of him, makes it easy to bring him along in the bag, in the car, on the airplane or if your child wants to take her in his/hers backpack.

      3. "Worry Free"... This means that there are NO buttons or beads that can fall off, so you can rest assure when your child plays with the penguin.

      4. Unlike many other plush toys, our penguin is sewn with triple stitches to make him more durable for your child to play with every day.

      5. Children loves to role play with their toys and stuffed animals, so we have gone the extra mile and designed a wife for your boy plush penguin. We call her for Mrs. Chil.
      So now your child can have a "boy" and a "girl" penguin and play with them together.
      You can buy the Mrs. Chil plush toy separately, and double the fun for your child.

      So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!
      EpicKids' Great Products. Great Service. Great Homes.

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      Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 4 feet tall)

      Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 4 feet tall)
      • Awe-inspiring lifelike plush toy with beautiful markings and realistic details
      • Hand-crafted with care
      • Soft polyester fabric
      • Surface washable
      • Ages 3 years and up
      Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any décor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction make this giraffe easy to love!

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      Stuffed coverings for all your home, office and business needs..