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Recorded Regression

Recorded Regression
    Warning: This is an erotic ebook meant for adults only. It contains explicit, sexual content.

    Home Movies:
    What has Jason always wanted? Well, he’s always fantasized about taking complete, total control of his girlfriend. He's going to own Chelsea thoroughly, diapering her, stripping away her adulthood, turning her into a helpless little girl.

    When they start, he makes it sound like it's not a big deal, but then he hypnotizes her. He robs this young woman of her free will, turning her into his helpless little plaything. In fact, he creates another version of his girlfriend.

    Her name is Becky, and she loves being childish. She will do anything her Daddy wants. She will say anything and obey any command because she knows that she's powerless.

    Every five days, Jason brings Chelsea back. Not only that, he shows her home movies from her new life. That means Chelsea gets to see what "she" has done over the last five days. Crawling. Wetting. Begging. Sucking.

    It's humiliating, especially because Chelsea gets locked into a little toddler swing, strapped in while she sucks on her pacifier and stares at the home movies. At first, Chelsea tries to fight it. But as the days go by, she might surrender. Unless she can figure something out, Becky might take over every facet of Chelsea's life.

    Perfect Punishment:
    A punishment can mean more than pain. It should mean more than frustration or despair. The perfect punishment is all about correcting behavior and teaching something important.

    Jessica doesn't know it yet, but she's about to experience the perfect punishment. She shows up at her ex-boyfriend's house, thinking that she's going to be able to wrap him around her little finger. Since they broke up, she lost her job, so now she needs a place to stay. And actually, he is willing to take care of her, just not the way that she expects. If she wants to stay with him, then he’ll allow it, under one condition. She has to write out a list of possible punishments. Then he will pick for her.

    Jessica thinks this is a joke, but she plays along. Just as Trevor promised, he picks three punishments for her: diapers, regression, spanking. She never imagined that he was serious. Even if he meant it, he never thought he would pick those three!

    Only now it's too late. He handcuffs her to his bed, he strips her, he diapers her, he plays with her, teasing her. Little by little, Trevor strips away her adulthood. Pretty soon, she's calling him Daddy. Later, it'll be time for her to use the diaper. Jessica needs to believe that she’s an adult, that she can make her own decisions, but this man is about to teach her how to behave with the perfect punishment.

    This is a 30,000 word ebook that features bondage, humiliation, diaper play, spankings, orgasm denial, and other erotic themes. All characters are consenting adults.

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    Recorded Songs (12" Vinyl Single w/Digital Download)

    Recorded Songs (12
      Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison explains: "These three songs seemed to exist happily next to one another, so it made sense to place them on an EP instead of wedging them into an album on which they didn't fit. These are not B-sides or ‘bonus tracks.' These are songs that still fill us with the same feelings that our albums can, and I'm happy that they now have a place to live." (

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      The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Updated Edition (Guitar Recorded Version)

      The Beatles - Rubber Soul - Updated Edition (Guitar Recorded Version)
      • Includes guitar tab
      • 88 pages
      • Size: 12" x 9"
      • Artist: The Beatles
      • ISBN: 793531624
      (Guitar Recorded Versions). This updated edition boasts all-new engravings of the note-for-note transcriptions to these 14 classics from the Fab Four: Drive My Car * Girl * I'm Looking Through You * If I Needed Someone * In My Life * Michelle * Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) * Nowhere Man * Run for Your Life * Think for Yourself * Wait * What Goes On * The Word * You Won't See Me.

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      Recorded Live In Lafayette

      Recorded Live In Lafayette
        Sonny Landreth’s unique spin on guitar playing has made him legendary. He combines the slide with fretted notes; this finger picking technique helps him create a complex, multi-layered sound onstage. Along the way Landreth has continued to develop his vision and his musical voice, growing increasingly original and diverse, expanding from blues, zydeco, folk, country and jazz into increasingly category- blurring musical excursions. The album Recorded Live in Lafayette is a perfect showcase of Landreth’s talents and skills; disc one contains a full acoustic set and disc two his full electric set.

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        SmartSign Aluminum Sign, Legend "Warning: All Activities are Recorded to Aid" with Graphic, 10" high x 14" wide, Black/Red on White

        SmartSign Aluminum Sign, Legend
        • Prevention is better than prosecution, and this sign is sure to stop violators dead in their tracks
        • Your message will be clearly seen by everyone who is in your store
        • Let customers know that you are not an easy target
        Warning: All Activities Are Recorded To Aid In The Prosecution Of Any Crime Committed Against This Facility (graphic) - Aluminum Sign, 14" x 10" - Remind customers that they are being monitered.

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        Show Love

        Show Love

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          Voice Record New — Sounding Mix

          Voice Record New — Sounding Mix
          • Up to 3 minutes of recordings
          • Apply effects on recorded audios
          • Rename, delete, sort, search and loop files
          • Renewed graphics"

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          New Music For Electronic & Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music -1977

          New Music For Electronic & Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music -1977
            The music on this album exhibits an exciting, wide-open, freewheeling approach to the medium of electronic music which has come to be typical of this genre in the late 1970s. No longer are composers obsessively concerned with the agonizing, expressionistic, and purely "electronic" (synthesized) sound formulas which marked much of this music composed between the mid Fifties and the late Sixties. Instead, today we have composers willing to mix media and sonic materials in thoroughly inventive ways to achieve ends which are new-sounding, and often more engaging, than that of the "academic" avant-garde. This is the outgrowth of a fundamental change in concerns which has been evolving not only among members are some of themost fecund and inspired. These new wources of inspiratin cerainly werer not as widely shared fifteen years agao. Several composers represented here are deeply concerned with Eastern musics and their subsequent metamorphoses into such popular forms as rock and roll. Still others bring to bear a sense of wit and satire, rarely a prominent feature of avant-garde music in the early 1960s. This first anthology of women's electronic music demonstrates great refinement and skill at work in a variety of different styles, several of which are unfamiliar or new even to those who follow contemporary music. The fact that these pieces are more listenable than that of the Sixties avant-garde does not point to a musical regression as some critics have overeagerly assumed when discussing modern works using, say, consonant harmonic structures. -Charles Amirkhanian, August 1977 (This recording was orginally issued as CRI CD 728)

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            Men's You Are Being Recorded Large Slate

            Men's You Are Being Recorded Large Slate
            • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
            Ever wish you were recording the conversation? Notify others that they are being recorded. After all, you are watching and listening, aren't you?

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            Hidden Usb Spy Camera - Mini Security Camera to Monitor Home Activity - Usb Charger Nanny Cam - Up to 9 Hours Loop Recorded Video - Video Only Surveillance Camera - Full HD 1080P - 16GB by Sandine

            Hidden Usb Spy Camera - Mini Security Camera to Monitor Home Activity - Usb Charger Nanny Cam - Up to 9 Hours Loop Recorded Video - Video Only Surveillance Camera - Full HD 1080P - 16GB by Sandine
            • ✔ VERSATILE AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Home surveillance system from SanDine supports crystal clear 30fps Full HD video - 1920p x 1080p. To increase the footage duration we also added support for smaller resolutions - 1280 x 720p or 720 x 480p. If that is not enough, you can now choose between regular or motion detection mode.
            • ✔ ENJOY YOUR PET'S SILLY TRICKS - that never happen when you are in the room. Set your spy hidden camera charger to motion activated mode; adjust the settings to record HD 1080p video and watch how your cat or dog has fun while you are working.
            • ✔ NEVER WORRY HOW THE NANNY TREATS YOUR KID - Can you trust a stranger with the most precious beings in your life? They are always nice at the interview but you will never know what really happens in your absence. Just plug the nanny cam recorder in the outlet and check the footage after work. You will instantly know if she/he can be trusted.
            • ✔ NEVER RUN OUT OF MEMORY - included in the spy cam kit is 16GB internal memory SD card. It can record up to 12 hours of video depending on the resolution. Once the storage runs out the device will automatically override the oldest files. You are guaranteed to have the latest hours of recorded video.
            • ✔ DISCREET AND CONCEALED - your mini Spy Camera looks and behaves exactly as a smartphone charger, no one will suspect the hidden function to record HD Video footage. It can also record while at the same time charging your phone.

            Plug and Play :
            1. Just insert the charger in the power outlet and you are ready to record
            2. Make sure that the SanDine logo points downwards or the video will be flipped and you will need software to rotate it

            Smart Small and Simple Home Security Camera Kit:
            With a built in motion detector sensor this tiny covert camera system will auto detect motion and only start recording when there is someone in the room
            This very secret wall charger will remain concealed and no one will suspect its dual function

            Hidden Spy Camera Configuration Settings:
            1. Configuration file - time.txt. Standard configuration - 2017.03.27 23:59:59 B1
            2. Acceptable values for the last 2 symbols are A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and B3
            A/B is video mode. A - Automatic cycle mode. B - Motion detection mode
            1/2/3 is video resolution. 1 - Full HD 1920 x 1080p; 2 - 1280 x 720p; 3 - 640 x 480p

            Frame Rate: 30fps
            Resolutions: 1920 x 1080p
            Video Format: AVI
            Video Encoding: M-Peg
            Viewing Angle: 65°
            Voltage: DC - 5V
            SD Card: 16 gb included, max supported 32GB
            No audio support

            Package Contents:
            1x plug adapter / charger camera, black
            1x USB connect cable
            1x SD card with 16GB capacity
            1x Instruction Manual

            ✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - The micro motion detect cam bundle by SanDine is backed by 1 year warranty and guarantee
            that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. If you are not fully satisfied simply contact us, and we will make sure to make it right for you

            NOTE: This is No Audio - Video Only camera

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            Recorded coverings for all your home, office and business needs..