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Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS

Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS
  • High-end Graphics
  • Disposing Sabotage bombs
  • Single player
  • Multi player
  • Ai System

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Dragons Online

Dragons Online
  • free online multiplayer
  • pvp - player vs player with on off button
  • bosses and enemies, team up to take them down easier
  • large beautiful environments including underwater map
  • dragons, fairy, phoenix, tripods and caveworms
  • customisations, tails, colours, head hats, horns, trails, themes and more
  • elements, fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, nature, ice, holy and death
  • skin scanner, create your own dragon skin!
  • themes and stats
  • Dragon Hatchling and Quest NPC's

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Dinos Online

Dinos Online
  • · When you start the game, you can choose one tribe among Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, Oviraptor, and Velociraptor.
  • · You can find an enormous kinds of dinosaurs that lived in the Mesozoic Era such as Velociraptor and T-rex, a carnivorous dinosaurs, as well as Apatosaurus and Triceratops that are herbivorous dinosaurs.
  • · If you succeed in hunting, other dinosaurs of your tribe around you also receive the experience points.
  • · You can enjoy hunting in the map that has over 13 various characteristics and geographical features.
  • · You can summon the dinosaurs of your tribe through the summoning function.
  • · If you die several times in the beginning of the game, you will be transformed into a huge different dinosaur for each tribe.
  • · Try hunting a gigantic King Kong in the King Kong Field. If you succeed in its hunting, you will receive a Tyrannosaurus pet as a reward.
  • · You can fight all dinosaurs regardless of tribes only in the Colosseum of map.
  • · In the Black Hole region where a meteor has dropped, you can meet huge monsters that have appeared in 4Force Online game.
  • · In the Sky Land, you will turn into a King Kong if you eat a dead extraterrestrial life.
  • ※ This game has removed violent descriptions and expressions in it to protect children and adolescents, and provides a chatting-off function to prevent inappropriate conversations.
  • ※ You cannot recover the game once it is deleted
  • ♥ Developer's Message
  • I apologize for not making Dinos Online at the right time as I promised. In fact, we are a small game development company that has only a few employees and not enough money. That's why we're so late. But please keep supporting the games of 1Games from now on!
  • Please visit our Facebook( or Youtube( page if you want more information.

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Prop Hunt - Multiplayer Hide & Seek Online Third-Person Shooter TPS Game

Prop Hunt - Multiplayer Hide & Seek Online Third-Person Shooter TPS Game
  • 100% Free
  • Amazing gamemod
  • Beautiful gameplay
  • Chat Instantly in the game
  • Use any object to hide
  • Play with your friends
  • Kill as many enemies as possible
  • Unique gaming experience
  • Online multiplayer experience up to 8 players
  • Challenge your friends or play against random enemies

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Murderer Online

Murderer Online
  • - In RUMBLE MODE, you can have a face-to-face contest to choose the strongest murderer.
  • - Over 10 murderer characters with strong personalities offered.
  • - Various situations created through crawling, jumping, and many other functions.
  • - View-Jacking function to check the location and movement of a murderer by stealing his/her eyes.
  • - With the transparency function, you can temporarily avoid a murderer's eyes.
  • - Through the heart color that gradually turns red, you can predict the distance between you and a murderer.
  • - By accumulating the number of killing and points, you can upgrade the murderer's skills.

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Group Fight Online

Group Fight Online
  • ✔ A real-time multi-play true-to-life gang fight.
  • ✔ A street fight of sheer strikers with no macho bravado.
  • ✔ Unlimited capability level upgrades (striking power/striking speed/defensive power/fitness)
  • ✔ Fight rating system
  • ✔ Supported in 141 countries
  • ✔ Real-time chats with global users (almost all languages are supported.)

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Online Dating Advice: Did She Reply Yet? Online Dating Strategies for Charming Profiles, Irresistible Messages, and More Dates PERIOD (OkCupid & Match Edition)

Online Dating Advice: Did She Reply Yet? Online Dating Strategies for Charming Profiles, Irresistible Messages, and More Dates PERIOD (OkCupid & Match Edition)

    Frustrated at sending messages that seem to go into black holes?

    Racking your brain trying to figure out how to "stand out" in your online dating profile?

    Wondering where the dates are, and tired of online dating being a time sink?

    I'll show you how to OWN online dating... for the price of a cup of coffee!

    My Guide, one of the best selling online dating books on the market, contains comprehensive strategies and systems I’ve developed through years of working as an online dating coach, with a multitude of happy clients as proven success. What's success? How about raising date and reply rates by over 50% on average!

    I teach you step by step the secrets to simplifying and owning online dating, and provide over 150 funny, genuine, charming, and witty templates and examples for you to utilize in your online dating profile and online dating messaging. Learn how to be the best version of yourself without any insincere tricks, gimmicks, lines, or routines.

    You won't get useless advice like “just sound more unique” or “just show not tell” that other books tell you. I show you exactly what to say and how to say it. This Guide is the closest you can get to me writing your profile and messages for you.

    What else is included?

    •A complete rundown of my SURCCHH system, which has led dozens of clients to success.
    • Discover which pictures are ideal for attraction with my comprehensive picture guide.
    •The secret to answering any kind of profile question. That pesky typical Friday night, that Headline, that Self Summary, that list of favorite things... you'll know exactly how to answer all of them!
    •Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that men make in online dating - reliance on food and travel, identifiable usernames, statements that display zero personality, insecure language, being a penpal, pedestal messages... you name it!
    •Master the transition from online into highly-anticipated dates.

    You'll create a stand-out online dating profile that will have women filling up your inbox. You'll craft online dating messages that women respond to ASAP. Your dating life will never be the same, courtesy of the powerful online dating tips found here.

    Dates (and the activities that follow...) all for the price of a cup of coffee - is that price worth it to you to increase your reply rate by 50% and go on dates within a week? To learn how to build attraction and eliminate flakes through your texting and messaging? To write an attractive and message-able profile?

    Pickup your copy now to change your life!

    P.S. - BONUS!

    •A workbook chapter to generate your profile, based on my system, principles, and examples.
    •How to deal with situations like women going cold and postponing dates.
    •An analysis of a female online dater’s psyche, and how to check their subconscious boxes.
    •How to game the sites for maximum exposure and visibility.
    •The ONLY OkCupid AND Match focused online dating guide on the market, with full transferability to other sites/apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Tinder. Online dating for men, and online dating for women.

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    How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms

    How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms
    • Harper Design Intl

    An essential guide for every kind of artist that teaches them how to skip the gallery system, find their niche, and connect directly with collectors to profitably sell their art.

    For years, galleries have acted as gatekeeper separating artists and collectors. But with the explosion of the Internet, a new generation of savvy, independent artists is connecting with buyers and making a substantial living doing what they love.

    How to Sell Your Art Online shows any artist how to make a successful living from their work. Cory Huff dispels the myth of the starving artist and provides the effective business strategies necessary to make artistic creations pay. He helps individual artists find their niche; outlines the elements essential for an effective website; and provides invaluable advice on e-mail marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and paid advertising—explaining how to tie all these online activities into offline success.

    Most importantly, he shares the secret to overcoming the biggest challenge artists face when self-marketing: learning how to tell their unique stories. Every artist has a reason for making art, but can’t always find the right way to express it. Huff provides exercises artists can use to clarify the intellectual and emotional process behind their art, and teaches them how turn that knowledge into stories they can tell online and in person—and expand their reach through blogs and social media to build their art business.

    Drawing from the stories of successful artists, thoroughly describing how art is sold today, and providing tips on how to build connections personally and electronically, How to Sell Your Art Online illustrates the countless ways artists can take control of their creative careers—and sell their work without selling out.

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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
    • Save Morrowind: Stop a meteor from crashing into Vivec City by helping a demi-god regain his lost powers.
    • Become the Warden: Harness the nature-based magic of an all-new class with a War Bear battle companion at your side.
    • Partner with an Assassin: Aid a legendary elite member of the Morag Tong who will guide you through deadly political intrigue.
    • Fight Together in PvP Battlegrounds: Take the battle to the Ashlands with new 4v4v4 player vs. player combat set in competitive arena-style environments.
    Return to Morrowind in this new chapter of the award-winning online role-playing series, The Elder Scrolls Online. Morrowind is on the verge of destruction, and it's up to you to save it from a deadly Daedric threat. Embark on a dangerous journey through legendary locales, from volcanic ashlands to mushroom-filled forests. Includes The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, the first game of the acclaimed series.

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    • Download files by entering their URL.
    • Built-in Web Browser with support for file downloads.
    • Navigate websites using just a Fire TV Remote or Game Controller. (No mouse/keyboard needed.)
    • Browser features fullscreen mode, zooming, and quick access to favorites/bookmarks.
    • Favorites allow you to easily save and open frequently visited URLs.
    • Open, install (if APK), delete, and manage files within the app.

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