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The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry

The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry
    An innovative and visual approach to understanding basic dental concepts and procedures!

    The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry provides practical information for students interested in dentistry and prospective dental students. Introductory chapters review career aspects and opportunities in dentistry as well as basic dental anatomy and terminology. Subsequent chapters use this information to expand on various branches of dentistry and procedures performed by general practitioners and dental specialists. While other books focus on getting into dental school, The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry reviews important concepts and offers a foundation of dental knowledge no student should be without!

    With The Complete Pre-Dental Guide to Modern Dentistry, Second Edition, you'll find:

    - Valuable guidance and advice for prospective dental students!

    - Additional content in every chapter!

    - A NEW chapter covering the components and considerations of dental school!

    - Over 125 full-color images including diagrams, clinical photos, radiographs and more!

    - NEW reviews by specialty professors and residents in their respective fields of dentistry!

    - All 9 dental specialties represented!

    - Guaranteed to be useful before and during dental school!

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    The Excruciating History of Dentistry: Toothsome Tales & Oral Oddities from Babylon to Braces

    The Excruciating History of Dentistry: Toothsome Tales & Oral Oddities from Babylon to Braces
    • St Martin s Griffin

    For those on both sides of the dreaded dentist's chair, James Wynbrandt has written a witty, colorful, and richly informative history of the art and science of dentistry. To all of those dental patients whose whine rises in tandem with that of the drill, take note: You would do well to stifle your terror and instead offer thanks to Apollonia, the patron saint of toothache sufferers, that you face only fleeting discomfort rather than the disfiguring distress, or slow agonizing death oft meted out by dental-care providers of the past. The transition from yesterday's ignorance, misapprehension, and superstition to the enlightened and nerve-deadened protocols of today has been a long, slow, and very painful process.

    For example, did you know that:
    *Among the toothache remedies favored by Pierre Fauchard, the father of dentistry, was rinsing the mouth liberally with one's own urine.
    *George Washington never had wooden teeth. However, his chronic dental problems may have impacted the outcome of the American Revolution.
    *Soldiers in the Civil War needed at least two opposing front teeth to rip open powder envelopes. Some men called up for induction had their front teeth extracted to avoid service.
    *Teeth were harvested from as many as fifty thousand corpses after the Battle of Waterloo, a huge crop later used for dentures and transplants that became known as "Waterloo Teeth."

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    365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry

    365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry
      365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry is a daily guide for dental practices to create funny, informative, educational and engaging social media posts centered around getting and keeping patients. Each day of the year includes examples of what to say and how to say it with links to live examples.

      "No Dental Office Marketer should be without this valuable tool!" - Ed Zuckerberg

      “Every dental practice should have a copy of '365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry.' It’s the perfect gift for study clubs and dental companies to give as thank you gifts to referring practices and to dental companies’ customer bases." - Linda Miles

      “No more guessing about what to post on social media. This book is packed full of great ideas. Thanks, Rachel.” - Dr. David Fantarella

      "An essential for your social media tool box! Excellent launch pad ideas you can personalize for your practice. Keep this book handy and you’ll never be at a loss for words" - Rita Zamora

      “I never knew there were so many dental ‘holidays.’ ‘Love Your Teeth Day’ is my new favorite.”- Amy Pelchat, Granby Dental Center

      "When done right, social media is a sure fire way to get new dental patients. This book will ensure you do just that."- Naomi Cooper

      100% of the proceeds from 365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry are being donated to Oral Cancer Cause. OCC provides financial support to improve the quality of life for oral cancer patients. To learn more visit,

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      Whole-Body Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health

      Whole-Body Dentistry: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health
        Does your mouth reveal your health secrets? When you sit in the dentist’s chair, you expect the exam to uncover issues in the mouth—and the mouth only. But your teeth and tissues that are exposed when you open wide may hold clues about your risk for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, reproductive issues, and much more—sometimes long before a physician might notice other warning signs. Your mouth is a window into your overall health—and your dentist should play an integral role in diagnosing, treating, and/or preventing health problems from your head to your toes. That’s the premise of Whole-Body Dentistry®, which represents a shift away from the traditional “mouth-only” focus on oral hygiene, fillings, and extractions. This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide will enable you to understand the vital relationship between your mouth and your health so that you can make informed dental choices that support lifelong wellbeing. You’ll learn: • How your mouth “works,” and how it impacts other parts of the body • Which common dental treatments may be endangering your health • Which health problems can often be traced back to the mouth • Which new tools, diagnostics, procedures, and protocols are available • How—and when—to advocate for your health in the dentist’s office • ..and much more (including resources to help you find holistic dentists, products, and services) Valuable and eye-opening, Whole-Body Dentistry is a must-have resource for consumers and healthcare professionals alike.

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        Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: Biological Background and Clinical Indications

        Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: Biological Background and Clinical Indications

          The first book devoted exclusively to the subject, Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry offers comprehensive, evidence-based coverage of the biological basis and clinical applications of PRF in dentistry. Co-edited by a leading researcher in tissue regeneration and the inventor of the PRF technique, it brings together original contributions from expert international researchers and clinicians.

          Chapters cover the biological foundation of PRF before addressing specific uses of the technology within clinical dentistry. Topics describe the use of PRF in many dental applications, including extraction socket management, sinus lifting procedures, root coverage, periodontal regeneration, soft tissue healing around implants, guided bone regeneration, and facial esthetics. The text is supplemented with color photographs and explanatory illustrations throughout.

          Platelet Rich Fibrin in Regenerative Dentistry: Biological Background and Clinical Indications is an indispensable professional resource for periodontists, oral surgeons and oral and maxillofacial surgeons, as well as general dentists who use PRF or are interested in introducing it into their practices. It is also an excellent reference for undergraduate and postgraduate dental students.

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          Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry

          Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry
            The Lexicomp Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, 23rd Edition, is the best-selling dental reference designed for any dental professional seeking clinically relevant information on medications, OTCs, and herbal products. Information is presented in an easy-to-use, two-column format, with medications alphabetically indexed by brand and generic names, as well as by index terms. Within individual drug monographs, dental-specific fields are highlighted in red, a timesaving feature within an information-rich resource. Drug content is complemented by special sections dedicated to medically compromised patients, specific oral conditions, and sample prescriptions.

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            How To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams: (Without Killing Yourself!) In Less Than 60 Days

            How To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams: (Without Killing Yourself!) In Less Than 60 Days
              Dr. David Moffet is an
              international expert in dental
              practice management.
              With over 32 years of dental experience, he has
              developed a simple, practical, and incredibly
              effective way of increasing the number of patients
              you see... the amount of money you charge...
              and the percentage of large case revenues your
              patients will happily accept. In some cases,
              Moffet’s strategy has resulted in over $100,000 in
              additional cash flow in just weeks.
              All you need is a decent team and his secret
              weapon, “The Ultimate Patient ExperienceTM.”
              The UPE is a unique, low-cost system of unique
              patient engagement that is incredibly easy to put
              in place. In fact, one of Moffet’s strategies costs
              less than $40 to implement, and you can have it
              up and running by the end of business, today.
              The Ultimate Patient Experience has allowed Dr.
              Moffet to:
              • Sell his dental practice for a cool $2.75
              million - for which he collected 80% in
              cash, 20% in stock...
              • Consistently increase his prices (10.55%
              per year, on average) while retaining over
              90% of his patients...
              • And DOUBLE his cold phone conversion rates,
              using a strategy that will take you less than
              10 minutes to set up...
              Inside these pages, you’ll discover exactly how
              Dr. Moffet accomplished each of these things, and how you can, too.

              “For decades now, I have recommended
              Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited as the
              go-to entrepreneurial guide. After reading
              David Moffet’s How To Build The Dental
              Practice of Your Dreams (Without Killing
              Yourself!) in Less Than 60 Days, I now say
              that same thing to any and all dentists. David
              Moffet walks his talk and has not only built
              a thriving and successful dental practice
              but a life of wonder and enrichment as well.
              Anyone aspiring to build both a thriving
              dental practice and life, READ this book. It
              has all the secrets to such success!”
              ―Jack Daly

              “Don’t just read this book. Use this book. Dr.
              Moffet provides you the playbook, revealing
              how to build a successful seven-figure
              practice while working four days a week for
              37 weeks.”
              ―Shep Hyken
              Customer Service Expert and
              New York Times bestselling Author of
              The Amazement Revolution

              “David has a natural passion for patient
              awareness and service. This book outlines
              the understanding of why you need to
              focus on world-class service to fast track
              the success of your profession. The book
              will inspire you, motivate you, and keep you
              loving the world of dentistry, not dreading it.”
              ―Kathy Metaxas
              Director, Consultant, International Speaker, and
              Professional Motivator

              “This book not only teaches how to create
              the ultimate patient experience, it is a
              game plan on how to become a business
              customers cannot live without. Moffet did
              exactly that and now shares how you can
              too. Everyone in your organization needs to
              read this book.”
              ―John R. DiJulius III
              Author of The Customer Service Revolution

              “David Moffet encourages his readers to let
              no one ever come to you without leaving
              better and happier. His premise is simple:
              the secret to success is not a secret…work
              hard, shift your thinking, and add real value
              to people’s lives.”
              ―Dr. Ronald F. Arndt, DDS, MBA, MAGD
              Master & Board Certified Coach
              THE DENTAL COACH

              “The best dentists and practices always
              want to be better. David Moffet can give you
              the tools to continue building your dream
              practice year after year while enjoying more
              freedom to enjoy your other life.”
              ―Linda Miles
              Founder, Linda Miles & Associates;
              Founder, Speaking Consulting Network;
              Cofounder, Oral Cancer Cause (a 5013c)

              “A practical guide based on decades of
              experience. Dr. Moffet’s advice is clear,
              accessible, and applicable, and the book is
              fun to read. Whether you’re just starting your
              practice or you’re looking for that next stage
              of growth, this book will help.”
              ―Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA
              International Lecturer and Publisher/Founder of
              Dentaltown Magazine

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              Contemporary Implant Dentistry, 3e

              Contemporary Implant Dentistry, 3e
              • Contemporary Implant Dentistry
              Turn to this new third edition for consistent outcomes on even your most complex implant cases! World-renowned dental implantologist Carl E. Misch gives you expert advice and guidance on the various surgical approaches to placing implants in the revision of his best-selling classic. Over 1,000 full-color illustrations depict details of implants, related materials, and surgical procedures, while well-known contributors (Mohamed Sharawy, Martha Warren Bidez, Adriano Piatelli, and others) share a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. This third edition provides an excellent opportunity for you to develop and refine your skills and experience more consistent, predictable clinical outcomes.
              • Thorough explanations of the rationale for implants and their specific characteristics discuss why different options work better for different patients; the rationale behind implant materials and sizes; and the overall science of osteointegrated implants – providing a full understanding of how implants behave under certain circumstances and how to make the best choices for implant patients.
              • Chapter on Diagnostic Imaging and Techniques focuses on the latest technology available to determine patient conditions, familiarizing you with recent advances and how they apply to treatment planning principles.
              • Section on Treatment Planning discusses the rationales for implant placement, variables in implants and patient conditions, and the four degrees of jaw bone density, Dr. Misch’s best-known criterion for successful implant placement.
              • Prepares you for actual treatment by reviewing scientific fundamentals such as applied anatomy, biomechanical principles, current biomaterials, prevention and management of dental infections, and pharmacologic considerations.
              • Surgical procedure chapters are of benefit to the implant surgeon and are critical to the restoring dentist who wants to better understand and appreciate surgical concepts.
              • Over 1,000 full-color illustrations depict details of implants, related materials, and surgical procedures.
              • Brand-new coverage includes: Key Implant Positions and Number, Ideal Implant Surgery, Extraction Socket and Barrie Membrane Bone Grafts, Sinus Pathology and Complications of Sinus Grafts, Immediate Loading for a Single Tooth, Partially Edentulous and Completely Edentulous Patient.
              • Important updates include indications and contraindications for rationale of biomechanical treatment plans, layered approach to bone grafting, autograft block bone grafting, soft tissue surgery, and implant esthetics and maintenance.
              • A new chapter on Tissue Engineering uses current information on platelet-rich plasma membranes and other elements of tissue engineering so you can take advantage of appropriate materials.
              • Emphasis on evidence-based implant outcomes provides valuable information on which procedures have the greatest likelihood of success and lowest risk of complications.

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              Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry, 3e

              Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry, 3e

                Develop your skills in evaluation and dental treatment planning for all types of patients! Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Dentistry, 3rd Edition provides a full-color guide to creating treatment plans based on a comprehensive patient assessment. Using evidence-based research, this book shows how risk assessment, prognosis, and expected treatment outcomes factor into the planning process. New chapters cover patient diagnosis and team-based treatment planning, and a new Evolve website includes videos, case scenarios, and decision-making algorithms. Written by experienced dentistry educators Stephen Stefanac and Samuel Nesbit, this book is the only dental resource that combines patient examination and oral diagnosis with treatment planning.

                • Clear, logical organization builds your understanding with sections on comprehensive patient evaluation, key treatment planning concepts, a detailed review of the five phases of planning treatment and guidelines for selecting the appropriate plan of care, and care planning for patients with special needs.
                • In Clinical Practice boxes highlight situations that may be faced by the general dentist.
                • What's the Evidence? boxes cite research articles affecting clinical decision-making and treatment planning strategies.
                • Ethics in Dentistry boxes address ethical issues you may encounter in treatment planning.
                • Review exercises in each chapter let you apply concepts to clinical practice.
                • Expert authors and contributors provide a current, authoritative resource for effective treatment planning.
                • Key Terms and a Glossary highlight and define important terminology.
                • Evidence-based coverage demonstrates how to use research and clinical evidence in making treatment planning decisions.
                • NEW Common Diagnoses in Dentistry chapter provides guidelines to making an accurate patient diagnosis prior to beginning treatment.
                • NEW Interprofessional Treatment Planning chapter describes dental care in the context of a team-based collaborative approach, so that the dental treatment plan aligns with the overall treatment goals of the patient.
                • NEW! Full-color photographs illustrate clinical principles and pathologies, and a colorful design highlights key content.
                • UPDATED content reflects advances in dental techniques, materials, and patient treatment options based on research, clinical experience, and current literature.
                • NEW resources on an Evolve website include videos, case-based scenarios, and decision-making algorithms.

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                Dentistry Deluxe Set

                Dentistry Deluxe Set
                • Realistic model with internal and detachable structure
                • Discover the secret of human body
                • Informative full color manual with various interesting activities and useful information
                • Reward your children with a certificate

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                Dentistry coverings for all your home, office and business needs..