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  • Become
This is a collection of soft poems that I wrote while becoming, for the ones who are doing the same.

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Become (Awakened Fate Book 5)

Become (Awakened Fate Book 5)
    After barely surviving another attack on her life, Chloe has only one option left. Magic given to her by the wizard Joseph offers her the chance to save the world from the ancient enemy she faces, but only if she sacrifices her ability to become a mermaid or else leaves the land behind forever. With no control over which side of her heritage she’ll become, Chloe may lose everything, including the two guys who both have claimed her heart.

    But when a desperate message arrives, the stakes become even higher. Zeke has been captured. The Sylphaen surround him. And if Chloe tries to save him, Zeke’s brother promises to make certain she dies.

    She’s running out of options and she’s running out of time. Zeke’s life hangs on one side of the balance and the fate of the world is on the other. Chloe has to make a choice.

    One that will change her life forever.

    ~Book Five of the Awakened Fate Series~

    The Awakened Fate Series

    #1 - Awaken
    #2 - Descend
    #3 - Return
    #3.5 - Abide: An Awakened Fate Novella
    #4 - Arise
    #5 - Become
    #6 - Rebirth

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    When Breath Becomes Air

    When Breath Becomes Air
    • When Breath Becomes Air
    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST • This inspiring, exquisitely observed memoir finds hope and beauty in the face of insurmountable odds as an idealistic young neurosurgeon attempts to answer the question What makes a life worth living?

    The New York Times Book Review • People • NPR • The Washington Post • Slate • Harper’s Bazaar • Esquire • Time Out New York • Publishers Weekly • BookPage

    Finalist for the PEN Center USA Literary Award in Creative Nonfiction and the Books for a Better Life Award in Inspirational Memoir

    At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade’s worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, and the next he was a patient struggling to live. And just like that, the future he and his wife had imagined evaporated. When Breath Becomes Air chronicles Kalanithi’s transformation from a naïve medical student “possessed,” as he wrote, “by the question of what, given that all organisms die, makes a virtuous and meaningful life” into a neurosurgeon at Stanford working in the brain, the most critical place for human identity, and finally into a patient and new father confronting his own mortality.

    What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when the future, no longer a ladder toward your goals in life, flattens out into a perpetual present? What does it mean to have a child, to nurture a new life as another fades away? These are some of the questions Kalanithi wrestles with in this profoundly moving, exquisitely observed memoir.

    Paul Kalanithi died in March 2015, while working on this book, yet his words live on as a guide and a gift to us all. “I began to realize that coming face to face with my own mortality, in a sense, had changed nothing and everything,” he wrote. “Seven words from Samuel Beckett began to repeat in my head: ‘I can’t go on. I’ll go on.’” When Breath Becomes Air is an unforgettable, life-affirming reflection on the challenge of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a brilliant writer who became both.

    Praise for When Breath Becomes Air

    “I guarantee that finishing this book and then forgetting about it is simply not an option. . . . Part of this book’s tremendous impact comes from the obvious fact that its author was such a brilliant polymath. And part comes from the way he conveys what happened to him—passionately working and striving, deferring gratification, waiting to live, learning to die—so well.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times

    “An emotional investment well worth making: a moving and thoughtful memoir of family, medicine and literature. It is, despite its grim undertone, accidentally inspiring.”The Washington Post

    “Possesses the gravity and wisdom of an ancient Greek tragedy . . . [Kalanithi] delivers his chronicle in austere, beautiful prose. The book brims with insightful reflections on mortality that are especially poignant coming from a trained physician familiar with what lies ahead.”The Boston Globe

    “Devastating and spectacular . . . [Kalanithi] is so likeable, so relatable, and so humble, that you become immersed in his world and forget where it’s all heading.”USA Today

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    Death Becomes Her

    Death Becomes Her

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      Detroit Become Human - PlayStation 4

      Detroit Become Human - PlayStation 4
      • Ps4 Detroit: Become Human

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      I Love the Person I've Become Because I Fought to Become Her Key Chain 1.20" Round Glass Vintage Style Bronze Pendant Key Ring

      I Love the Person I've Become Because I Fought to Become Her Key Chain 1.20
        I believe every woman has to have a little fight in her in order to become the woman she is. This glass pendant key chain, which includes a zinc alloy bronze-colored flower charm and a teal-colored glass bead, is a distinctive piece of empowerment jewelry designed by Gutsy Goodness.

        The image has an background of antique cream with the inspirational quote, covered with a glass bezel which magnifies the image, giving it a clear and crisp appearance. The glass pendant key ring is 1.20" (30mm), larger than many pendant keychain or necklaces you find that are just 25mm. The metal pieces are zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish. The image is crisp and clear; the magnified view in photos does not fully represent the quality of the item.

        This listing is for a key chain.

        Other chain options are available at Gutsy Goodness. Enter the name of the design and 'gutsy goodness' into Amazon's search to locate it quickly. Options include: 24" or 36" chain, or a 24" or 36" vintage rose chain.

        The glass bezel is water resistant, but not water-proof. Remove it from your pocket before jumping in a lake.

        All our items are individually packaged with care and the intention to touch the heart of the recipient. It comes in an organza bag, tucked into a box with a special quotation card. The Kraft box has Gutsy Goodness seal, washi tape, and silver elastic band as shown in the last image.

        "It takes a strong woman to fight to become who she is. Sometimes our circumstances define us, sometimes the people around us. But to intentionally grab ahold of our dreams, who we wish to become, the legacy we want to live, is the greatest gift we can give our self. Fight to become who you were meant to be and be proud of your battle wounds."

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        Become A Procedures Pro: The Admin's Guide to Developing Effective Office Systems and Procedures

        Become A Procedures Pro: The Admin's Guide to Developing Effective Office Systems and Procedures
          Does taking time off lead to more stress than relaxation because you’re worried what will (or won’t) happen at the office while you’re gone? Are you looking for a way to demonstrate the skills and value you contribute to your organization and team? Do you want to be ready to act if your dream job suddenly becomes available? If the answer is “yes,” then you need to create your administrative procedures, and this book can help! Become a Procedures Pro, the third book from All Things Admin Founder Julie Perrine, is a complete and easy-to-follow guide that features instructions for creating effective office systems and procedures, as well as the many benefits and uses for them. Some featured sections of the book include: - Getting started with documenting your systems and procedures - Why procedures make good business sense - Procedures’ role in strengthening your team - The career benefits of procedures - The difference between systems and procedures - Getting started with systems development - Creating effective office procedures - Using checklists, forms, and templates - And many more!

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          Gift Republic: Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box

          Gift Republic: Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box
          • Become a Laird or Lady of a castle in Scotland
          • Get a free tour of the Dunans Castle and grounds and visit your exact plot of land
          • Presented in a luxury metal gift tin
          • Get your own email address with your title. E.g. [email protected]
          • See product description for full list of entitlements
          Become a Laird or Lady…of a castle in the Scottish Highlands Scottish landowners are legally entitled to use the title Laird. Female Lairds can choose to be a Laird or a Lady, the generally-accepted female equivalent. Upon registering this gift you will own a genuine piece of land in the grounds of Dunans Castle in Scotland. You will thus become a Laird or Lady. You will be sent an official personalised land ownership certificate and a Proof of Title card. You will then be eligible for all sorts of Laird-based perks: • You and a guest will be entitled to a free tour of Dunans. Visit and locate your plot of land. Bookings must be made in advance • Your gift will help in the restoration of Dunans Castle and grounds • Free, lifetime access to Dunans including Dunans Bridge and the tallest tree in the UK • Fishing rights to the Alt a Chaol Ghleann river within the grounds • Use of Dunans’ insignia, access to exclusive Laird and Lady stationery and your own Laird or Lady email address • Access to a Gift Republic-only area of the Dunans Lairds’ website where you will find exclusive merchandise and more No more Mr or Mrs – become a Laird or Lady

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          Magic: the Gathering - Become Immense (130/269) - Khans of Tarkir

          Magic: the Gathering - Become Immense (130/269) - Khans of Tarkir
          • A single individual card from the Magic: the Gathering (MTG) trading and collectible card game (TCG/CCG).
          • This is of Uncommon rarity.
          • From the Khans of Tarkir set.
          Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all the weapons in your arsenal. It contains the spells you know and the creatures you can summon to fight for you.

          Card Name: Become Immense

          Cost: 5G

          Color: Green

          Card Type: Instant

          Card Number: 130/269

          Artist: Jaime Jones

          Card Text: DelveTarget creature gets +6/+6 until end of turn.

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          magic, gathering, become, immense, 130269, khans, tarkir

          Do Not Become Alarmed: A Novel

          Do Not Become Alarmed: A Novel
            The moving and suspenseful new novel that Ann Patchett calls "smart and thrilling and impossible to put down... the book that every reader longs for."

            “This summer’s undoubtable smash hit… an addictive, heart-palpitating story.” —Marie Claire

            The sun is shining, the sea is blue, the children have disappeared.

            When Liv and Nora decide to take their husbands and children on a holiday cruise, everyone is thrilled. The adults are lulled by the ship’s comfort and ease. The four children—ages six to eleven—love the nonstop buffet and their newfound independence. But when they all go ashore for an adventure in Central America, a series of minor misfortunes and miscalculations leads the families farther from the safety of the ship. One minute the children are there, and the next they’re gone.
            The disintegration of the world the families knew—told from the perspectives of both the adults and the children—is both riveting and revealing. The parents, accustomed to security and control, turn on each other and blame themselves, while the seemingly helpless children discover resources they never knew they possessed.
            Do Not Become Alarmed is a story about the protective force of innocence and the limits of parental power, and an insightful look at privileged illusions of safety. Celebrated for her spare and moving fiction, Maile Meloy has written a gripping novel about how quickly what we count on can fall away, and the way a crisis shifts our perceptions of what matters most.

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            Become coverings for all your home, office and business needs..